ATI in Millersburg is a longstanding supporter of MVSCH and our work. Recently, we went to the ATI plant to get a tour of the facilities and find out about some of the STEM-based careers that are vital to their success.

Our first stops were in the testing labs. We got to see what working in the physical testing lab entails. Testing things like tensile strength and fiber structure, metallurgical lab technicians are highly paid individuals with salaries starting at over $50k. Metallurgical lab techs can start working for ATI after obtaining a degree from a CTE program like Non-Destructive Testing, a program that can be pursued locally at Linn-Benton Community College.

After that, we visited their chemistry lab where we were able to watch a chemist perform tests on a molecular level. You can join us on the tour of ATI’s facilities by watching the videos linked below!