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Our Mission

The Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub works in Linn and Benton counties to create and elevate STEM & CTE opportunities throughout the region. In partnership with educators, industry, families, students, nonprofits, and community-based organizations, we promote opportunities for students to develop the fundamental STEM & CTE-enabled skills and mindsets necessary to:

  • Become creative life-long learners who can adapt to changing social & economic conditions;
  • Contribute to an increasingly complex & technologically rich global society;
  • Address high-demand, competitive workforce & industry needs.


Our Vision and Values

Our vision:

The Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub envisions P-20 programming developed through collective action that is accessible to every student, aligned with local industry, and prepares students for well-paying careers and successful futures.

Our values:

  • Diversity is our strength.
  • Innovation is the cornerstone of prosperity.
  • Education is a collective responsibility.


Our Goals

  • Key stakeholders in education and industry will work together more closely to enhance the STEM-CTE opportunities, achievement, identities, and agency of over 15,000 students in the Linn and Benton County school districts.
  • Increase student awareness and knowledge of STEM-CTE concepts, education, and careers.
  • Ensure equitable access for diverse participation in STEM-CTE opportunities.
  • Develop a sustainable funding environment for STEM-CTE that provides reliable and sufficient support.


Our Strategies

  • Work w/educators to incorporate applied learning, project-based learning, and other engaging STEM-CTE curricula.
  • Provide community-based resources, such as community STEM-CTE events, maker spaces, and take-home STEM-CTE kits and resources.
  • Increase access to STEM-CTE learning opportunities for students from under-served and underrepresented communities.
  • Offer opportunities for students to interact with STEM and CTE professionals.
  • Offer STEM-based work experiences for high school students and college students.
  • Develop and implement a STEM-CTE communications campaign for outreach, collaboration, fundraising, and advocacy.
  • Identify additional potential funding sources.