Code Fellows is a premier technical skills training academy based in Seattle, WA, delivering high-quality live instruction both online and in-person to people from all backgrounds. Their instructional team has been crafting technical curriculum since 2010, partnering with top tech companies, reviewing countless job postings and seeking continuous feedback in order to craft a curriculum that is exceeding employer expectations. Through continuous iteration, they build, refine, and adapt their curriculum to ensure it is keeping up with the demands of the industry and preparing graduates for the rigorous expectations of a career in tech today and well into the future. 

“At Code Fellows we believe that in order to accomplish our goals of ensuring every student has an opportunity to succeed we need to forge strong partnerships with like-minded organizations that share the same values. Partnering together allows us to leverage our collective strengths and ensure we create lasting change. Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub and Code Fellows share the same vision and through collaboration, we can focus on our individual parts that ensure the whole is complete. Giving students a firm foundation and growth in STEM can dramatically improve their education and access to career opportunities previously closed to them and the team at Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub are helping us do just that! – Mitchell Robertson, SVP of Business Development and Growth, Code Fellows

Code Fellows’ programs produce graduates who have a 93% in-field employment rate, and a median salary of $75,000 USD. In addition, Code Fellows is the number one ranked bootcamp for landing a job at a major tech company, according to a global study conducted by Switchup. This study found that 11.15% of Code Fellow’s alumni are employed at the “Big Five”–Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft–this rate is only matched by the employment rate of Stanford University and outperforms other top university programs including Harvard, UC Berkeley, and Cornell.


Code Fellows Programs for Educators

All educators in our region (Linn & Benton county) are eligible to take courses (Code 101 and  Ops 101) with Code Fellows and the Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub will pay for their tuition. Current course offerings and enrollment information can be found here

“Code Fellows is an integral partner in the work we are accomplishing here in our region. Together we are able to ensure our teachers are trained in the most relevant and in-demand computer science concepts of today, while ensuring our middle and high schools have courses designed to meet the growing needs of curricula in line with state standards, college degrees, and employment demand. Without our partnership with Code Fellows, we would not be able to serve the needs of school districts, teachers, and students in our region.” – Chris Singer, Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub

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