Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub has taken the lead on using Beebots in PreK-2nd grades to integrate computer science, digital literacy, science, technology, and math. Over the course of the 2022-23 school year, Program Coordinator Chris Singer has trained educators, children, and STEM Hub leaders from around the state in integrating lessons and reports with a high level of excitement and engagement for students from Pre-Kindergarten to 2nd grade.
Children love the colorful, little robots and show a high level of perseverance in solving problems with the bots. Chris developed a number of grade-appropriate Beebots lessons, seamlessly integrating math and science with coding. Students learn computational thinking skills: logical reasoning, abstractions, patterns, algorithms, and decomposition, and learn these skills through tinkering with the BeeBot. Collaborating with their classmates, persevering in solving problems, and learning from their mistakes are some of the key takeaways for students learning to create programs and challenges for their BeeBot.
Over the course of the last six months, Chris visited 50 classrooms at least two times to demonstrate to teachers how to use the Beebot with their students. Participating teachers received a classroom set of BeeBots (1 Beebot per every 4 students and a maximum of 6), a charging station, and access to many resources to help design activities for their students.

Beebots: By the Numbers

  • 4 – To get a Beebot to go in a circle, you need to hit the left or right arrow buttons 4 times.
  • 6 – Beebots move 6 inches for every forward or backward keypress.
  • 6 – Also the number of participating school districts in our Beebot project (Central Linn, Harrisburg,  Lebanon, Monroe, Philomath, and Scio).
  • 20 and 10 – It would take 20 forward commands to have the Beebot go 10 feet.
  • 40 – Beebots can remember up to 40 different commands.
  • 50 – The number of K-2 teachers who received Beebots for their classrooms (Philomath 14, Lebanon 11, Harrisburg 9, Scio 6, Monroe 5, Central Linn 5)
  • 290 – The number of Beebots distributed to the 50 teachers (Philomath 74, Lebanon 66, Harrisburg 54, Scio 36, Monroe 30, Central Linn 30)