The Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub has a new show that will be featured bi-weekly on the MILL Media podcast channel. This podcast will bring some laughter and inspiration to learners, makers, and tinkerers who want to broaden their understanding of tools, techniques, and career opportunities that utilize creativity and exercise their dexterity. 

This is a student-friendly all-ages show made by three makers that will dive into the world of makerspaces and hands-on learning, building on creative passion to develop skills critical to success in STEAM and skilled trades careers.  

Hosts Forrest Johnson, Austyn Moon, and Kacey Montgomery invite you to join them as they explore local makerspaces and STEAM workplaces, talk to STEAM professionals, and learn about growing their own maker practices. 

Follow along and learn with us!  

Now, we know you must be asking yourself, “What is this podcast even called?”  you’ll have to listen to find out! Subscribe to the MILL Media channel on Spotify to stay up to date with your new favorite makerspace podcast.  Available for your listening and learning pleasure on October 5, 2023. 

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