Professional in the field of semiconductors, Sarala Paliwal, joins us today on Closing the Gap.

Listen along as we define what a semiconductor is, discuss the rapid growth of the semiconductor industry, and how taking a holistic approach to your education will set you up for success.


As a business and technology leader in the semiconductor industry, Sarala has led global engineering teams at IBM and Siemens in the field of Electronic Design Automation and Linux operating system development. In driving product development, she has collaborated with universities, industry partners, and open-source consortiums. She serves on the Industry Advisory Board for PSU’s ECE department as well as the Board director and STEAM committee chair for Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest. In addition, she was a member of Global Semiconductor Alliance’s Women’s Leadership Council.

Sarala holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electronics Engineering and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. She has authored several publications in the field of Electronic Design Automation.

Sarala recently retired from Siemens as a Senior Engineering Director. In transitioning from the corporate world, she is leveraging her skills and experience advocating for policies and initiatives to increase gender diversity in the field of Engineering.