Gabrielle McNally Ph.D. is the Director of Women for the Land, an initiative of the American Farmland Trust.  

In addition to advocacy for women working in agriculture, Women for the Land is also producing a video series with the same name, introducing women all over the United States to their audiences. Amplifying voices of women in all branches of agriculture. Watch Women for the Land on YouTube

In this episode, Gabrielle will be discussing the resources that American Farmland Trust has to offer, as well as why you should support your local farms. We will wrap up our chat by talking about the wide variety of careers in agriculture, and some of the pros and cons of the industry.  

It is imperative that we as a community support small local agriculture to keep small farms feeding the towns, cities, and regions they serve. Supporting local farmers means that your community has access to high-quality fresh foods that are often organic and use some sustainable practices. Agriculture also supplies large numbers of careers in the community; by supporting your local farms you are helping keep ownership of local farmland in the hands of those small farmers living in your community. 

If you’d like to support this labor of love and community nourishment we encourage you to support some of these local women-owned and/or operated farms:

This by no means an exhaustive list.  There are women-owned and/or operated farms producing a variety of goods all over the state. 

If you’d like to support the American Farmland Trust you can do so by following this link.