For the next generation’s thinkers, tinkerers, and innovators, 365 Built-It-Yourself Engineering Projects is a year’s worth of fascinating, hands-on projects and experiments using household materials.


Kids can dive headfirst into the wacky, unpredictable world of science and engineering with challenges from the creators who brought you 365 Weird & Wonderful Science Experiments.

Join STEAM educator and author, Beth Snoke Harris, as she stirs up children’s curiosity and challenges them to discover the endless fun of science and engineering. Simple, colorful step-by-step directions accompany each mind-blowing experiment, so kids can easily follow along with minimal parental supervision.

Inquiry-based projects include:

Paper Airplane Launcher
Ice Cube Architecture
Straw Rocket
Rockin’ Roller Coaster
Far-out Fort
Mechanical Hand
A fun and compelling read for the whole family, 365 Build-It-Yourself Engineering Projects unlocks a world of surprises that will instill a lifelong love and fascination for young readers and future scientists of all ages.