SumBlox are an innovative way to develop math skills. Learning to count, add, subtract, multiply and much more is as simple as stacking building blocks. SumBlox are solid wood stacking number blocks designed to improve numeracy and make learning more accessible, more fun, and more exciting. They encourage both hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills.


The SumBlox Educational Package includes 4 block sets (152 Blocks),  4 Supplemental Math Curriculum lesson books and the all-new deck of 80 Early Childhood Activity Cards.

The Educational Package is designed for groups of students to explore concepts such as multiplication, division and fractions. The books are developed to assist parents/teachers/guardians and guide children to enjoy games that will further develop their math skills and enhance their interactions with the blocks.

The package includes 56 x single blocks, 4 x ten block, 24 x two blocks, 16 x three blocks, 12 x four blocks and 8 of each 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 blocks. The set also includes 4 teaching manuals for teaching various concepts from addition to fractions, and a pack of 80 Early Childhood Activity Cards, with completely new games and activities.

Once familiar with the format of the blocks, math problems quickly take familiar shapes, and by following the rules of mathematics their new creations will often be mathematically and symmetrically accurate.

Working together to build the largest tower, or to solve more difficult equations is a great way to develop communication between students using the SumBlox Educational Package.