There are some big changes on the horizon for the Educators’ Lending Library.

First off, we are excited to announce the addition of 3Doodler start+ pens to the lending library collection! These 3D pens are easy to use, safe, and a blast to play with as you and your students learn about how 3D printing works. Our two classroom kits will each include filament, quick start guides, a curriculum, and 6 pens.

With so many changes coming to the LBCC library, we have decided to move our Educators’ Lending Library to the main branch of the Albany Public Library (APL). This will have the added benefit of keeping the Lending Library running through the summer and also increasing the number of people supporting the distribution of our items. We do ask that you be patient with us as we iron out any kinks that arise as a part of this transition.

One significant difference will be that our collection will only be available for pickup at Linn County Libraries for the summer months. Unfortunately, that means our Benton County friends will have to drive a bit to get their items. However, being at APL will dramatically increase the number of hours the items will be available. We have also broken many of our large/heavy classroom kits into smaller kits. This change will allow us to serve even more students and teachers, while also reducing the difficulty of managing transportation of our items.

Thank you all for your continued support of this important service! 

If you would like to reserve some STEAM educational tools to use in your classroom or summer camp visit,