Trades Notebook

The Trades Notebook was developed and supported by the LBLC3 Steering Committee. This work has been supported by funding from the Regional Promise grant and is a resource for high school students and partners throughout the Linn Benton Lincoln region.

There are 24 occupation profiles in the Trades Notebook. Each occupation profile has the following information:

  • Median salary right at the top of the page.
  • List of Top 5 Skills required for the occupation.
  • List of possible Job Titles.At least 5 Primary Tasks for that occupation (a complete list can be accessed at (scroll down to Tools and type the occupation in the Search box).
  • Hourly Wages and Regional Job Market graphics (again, this info was accessed at and found in the tables under Linn/Benton or Mid-Valley).
  • Preparation for the career which is a listing of recommended high school courses for students.
  • Requirements for pursuing post-secondary education for that occupation (often community college, special training programs, or apprenticeships).
  • Contact information for the training program for that occupation.
  • Relevant links are at the bottom of the page. Please encourage your students to explore these and learn more about the occupation they are interested in!