Did you know there are over 280 craft breweries in Oregon?

That’s a lot of beer!

Craft brewing is a booming industry in the Pacific Northwest with a job market that is in need of workers. If your students are interested in hands-on, physical careers but also want a position where they can be creative, a job in a craft brewery may be for them.

Unexperienced brewers can sometimes get hired with little experience and work with a skilled professional brewer to get their start in the industry. Being a seasoned home brewer or attending a higher education program like Oregon State University’s Fermentation Sciences program is often a more surefire way a young brewer can get their first job producing small-batch brews.

If brewing is not of interest, worry not! The craft brewing industry needs all sorts of skill sets to keep flourishing. From creative and strategic positions like graphic designers and diligent marketers to people who want every day to be unique, like delivery drivers and the social butterfly sales reps.

Today on the Closing the Gap we have Dani Raiche. Dani is the Head Brewer at Calapooia Brewing in Albany, Oregon. Dani got her start as a home brewer before transitioning into commercial brewing. Join us as we talk with Dani about her career in the craft brewing industry.

For women looking for a community of women brewers and industry workers, visit the Pink Boot Society and find a chapter near you.

Listen to Dani’s episode on Spotify – Available on October 1, 2023!