We had a groundbreaking good time this January with the Mobile Makerspace as we investigated the topic of earthquakes and attempted to build earthquake-proof structures! On our visits to Monroe, Sweet Home, Brownsville, and Scio we learned about the tectonic plates of the Earth, the different ways earthquakes occur, and talked about earthquake safety. We then looked at a map provided by the United States Geologi-cal Survey that showed real-time coverage of earthquakes across the globe.

After we finished our learning section, we started our making section: building structures that could withstand an earthquake. We talked about architecture, the different shapes that architects can use in their designs, and the different qualities needed by an earthquake-proof building. We used dry spaghetti, Play-Doh, marshmallows, straws, cardboard, and a whole lot of tape to make some really artistic and interesting structures! 

For the month of February, we are pivoting from civil engineering and architecture into the world of chemistry. Diving into the world of sensations, we will be making slime, exploding some elephants’ toothpaste, and testing our detective skills with mystery sensory bins.
Come out and have some fun with us!