Recently, I took our Educator Lending Library Makedo sets and a pile of cardboard to my son’s second-grade family STEAM night. The instructions for my station were simple: practice cutting, punching pilot holes, and screwing with the Makedo cardboard construction tools. Then, build a fort (or anything else). The students and their families were tentative at first, unsure if they were really free to use the materials and tools however their imaginations led them (mostly).

However, once a few of the more gregarious students took the invitation seriously, it wasn’t long before we had forts with trap doors, a fortress, Minecraft Creeper costumes, and a cardboard car. One inspired parent even started creating a cardboard suit of armor!

Makedo tools are simple and an ideal way to teach your students about things like grain structure, construction principles, and tool safety. Check out Makedo and all the other STEAM resources in our Lending Library Catalog!

Happy making